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**Dual Language Education

Business phone: (408) 242-9542 This book provides the conceptual background for the program and discusses
fax: (541) 955-4801 major implementation issues. Research findings summarize language proficiency
Office: Child and Adolescent Development
San Jose State University
and achievement outcomes from 8000 students at 20 schools, along with
San Jose, CA 95192-0075 teacher and parent attitudes. **Publisher's Website**

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**Profiles in Two-Way Immersion Education
This book presents three case studies of two-way immersion programs that vary in
model design. The final chapter discusses findings across the three programs and offers
implications for program design and planning.**Publisher's Website**

Resources on Dual Language Programs

**Educating English Language Learners: A Synthesis of the Research Evidence
For directories, publications, and information on two-way programs, contact: Edited by Fred Genesee, Kathryn Lindholm-Leary, William Saunders, and Donna Christian, this book provides
**Center for Applied Linguistics a thorough review of the scientific research on the learning outcomes of English Language Learners in US schools.
**National Clearinghouse on English Language Acquisition Focus is on oral language development, literacy development, instructional issues in teaching literacy, and academic achievement.
**California Department of Education
**California Association for Bilingual Education
**National Association for Bilingual Education

**Review of Research and Best Practices in Dual Language Education

This review of research and best practices was written to serve as a background and companion
for the document Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education , which is intended to help guide
Dual Language Programs with planning and ongoing implementation. These principles are based in large part on
the Dual Language Program Standards developed by Dual Language Education of New Mexico ( The companion Guiding Principles document can be found at .

** Presentations & Handouts **

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**Evaluator's Toolkit for Dual Language Programs   NEW

The purpose of this Toolkit is to assist staff in programs that serve ELL students (with a particular reference to two-way/dual language programs) to understand how to meet assessment and accountability guidelines.  More specifically, this Toolkit contains:

  • Specific guidelines on developing an appropriate evaluation plan, with goals and objectives for the type of dual language program being implemented;
  • Discussion of data collection instruments, with an examination of multiple measures -- with links to various instruments that have been developed or used in dual language programs;
  • Information about how to set up a data management system, with simple-to-follow instructions, and downloadable Excel spreadsheets and codebooks;
  • Information about how to analyze, interpret, and present data, including step-by-step instructions for typical analyses using the statistical software SPSS and for setting up common graphs in PowerPoint;
  • Glossary of terms and acronyms used in the Toolkit (and which are common in language education);
  • Appendix with data collection instruments, and with research data from various research projects on dual language programs to allow schools to make comparisons with larger datasets.

 The Toolkit is available at  (Be sure to download the correct one; there is another toolkit there)


** Various Articles on Dual Language Programs   NEWLY ADDED
Click on this link to download articles in pdf format

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